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Kalmbach continues to grow and diversify by acquiring and launching products, and by maximizing opportunities within our core markets. To support our growth strategy, we actively monitor trends and look for opportunities to acquire existing products and launch new ones.

As an independent and privately held publishing company in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Kalmbach Publishing Co.
is home to the:
  • Best-selling astronomy magazine, Astronomy
  • Best-selling beading magazine, Bead&Button
  • Best-selling model railroading magazine, Model Railroader
  • Best-selling railroad magazine, Trains
  • Best-selling scale-modeling magazine, FineScale Modeler
  • Award-winning science and technology magazine, Discover
  • Largest consumer bead show, the annual Bead&Button Show
Our facility houses editorial, art, advertising, circulation, customer service, distribution, finance, marketing, online publishing, photography, production, and trade sales, so we can seamlessly manage product launches, redesigns, and acquisitions. Additionally we have our own dedicated in-house fulfillment staff to serve our customers quickly and respond to their unique needs.

Most members of these departments — not just our editors — are active hobbyists. Non-editorial employees write articles and product reviews for our magazines. It's not uncommon to see a circulation manager flying a remote-controlled plane in the parking lot for a Model Retailer product review, or read a jewelry project in Bead&Button contributed by a production coordinator. This shared enthusiasm for our topics creates a fun work atmosphere, and it leads to better products for our customers.

Kalmbach's ongoing investment in staff development and new technology contributes to our company's long-term success. Kalmbach attracts creative, diverse, and talented professionals with a highly specialized knowledge in their respective fields. We apply our editorial, marketing, and technological expertise to provide our customers with meaningful products.

Kalmbach Publishing Co. is proud of its long tradition of customer service, and we are committed to developing and maintaining relationships with our customers. After all, as our founder Al Kalmbach stated, "The customer is the boss of us all."

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