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Specializing in beading (stitching and stringing), jewelry making, wirework, metal clay, polymer clay, and more!
Published: June 27, 2008
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Abelew Theresa


Theresa is a former Assistant Editor for Art Jewelry magazine. She sells her work in galleries and fairs and can be found on Pinterest and Etsy (her shop is 2 Dog Studios). In addition to making chain mail, Theresa is a fire dancer and performs in various venues in the Milwaukee area.

Books by Theresa:
Play with Chain Mail


Nikia runs her own company, Her crystal ring kits and directions are her biggest sellers. Nikia also exhibits at the Bead&Button Show and teaches at various shows around the country.

Books by Nikia:
Easy Crystal Stitching: Sophisticated Jewelry



Lauren Andersen has been weaving tiny jump rings for almost 10 years. She teaches classes in chain mail at her local bead shops and major national craft shows. She is a member of the Beadalon Design Team and is a frequent guest on the popular television series Beads, Baubles, and Jewels and Jewelry Television’s Jewel School.

Books by Lauren:

The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Chain Mail Jewelry
One Jump Ring

Visit Lauren's website:


Lori Anderson has led a wildly diverse life that had nothing to do with creativity until she was introduced to beads in 2002. She was a Korean linguist for the U. S. Air Force, a pre-med biology graduate of the University of Virginia, a sales and marketing professional for the high-tech industry during the boom, and now, a wife, mother, and full-time jewelry artist. Her style is as varied and eclectic as the life she’s led.  She currently resides on the eastern shore of Maryland.

Books by Lori:

Bead Soup

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Carol is an Art Clay Master Instructor Emeritus, a State Juried Member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, a juried member of the Merrimack Valley Artisans, and a PMC Connection Certified Artisan (Levels I & II). She began her metal clay adventure in 2004 and continued teaching and winning awards for her work until 2010 when she retired from the metal clay world.

Carol has numerous published articles in Art Jewelry and Bead&Button magazines,as well as guest articles in various authors metal clay and jewelry books.  During these years, she held many varied classes in and around New Hampshire. She has won numerous awards for innovative designs. Her work is available in various League of NH Craftsmen Galleries and in private collections.

Carol continues to enjoy artistic endeavors and creative outlets as she contentedly resides in New Hampshire with her husband and family.

Books by Carol:
Metal Clay Beyond the Basics

Visit Carol's blog:
Carol Babineau Fabric Works


Paulette is known for creating three-dimensional sculptural art out of beads. Her pieces use different sizes and shapes of beads and are made using a wide assortment of off-loom bead weaving stitches. She teaches classes at several national bead shows. Paulette’s "Pinwheel Garden" necklace appears on the title page of Margie Deeb’s book, The Beader’s Color Palette. Her work is featured in Beading with the Brick Stitch by Diane Fitzgerald, The Best Collection of Beadweaving Stitches by 9 American Bead Artists by Kumiko Mizuno Ito, and in The Beaded Figure traveling exhibition.

Books by Paulette:
Beading Across America (with Amy Katz and Sherry Serafini)

Visit Paulette's website:
Paulette Baron: Beadwork Artist

Barth Lisa


Lisa Barth is a wire-jewelry artist, author, photographer, and certified senior-level metal clay instructor from Atlanta, Georgia. Lisa teaches wirework, metal clay techniques, and photography regularly and loves sharing her passion for art. Her work has been published in several magazines, including on the cover of Bead&Button and in Australian Beading, BeadStyle, and Metal Clay Artist magazines. She also has projects in volumes 4 and 7 of the Kalmbach book series Creative Beading, has presented her work on live television, and is an accomplished public speaker.

Lisa is the author of Designing From The Stone: Design Techniques for Bezel Setting in Metal Clay Using the Stone as Inspiration.

Books by Lisa:
Timeless Wire Weaving


Katie began her teaching career in 2003 as a middle-school science teacher. She has always been fascinated with sciences and experimentation, initially approaching silver clay with a logical "How is this possible?" attitude before falling in love with its versatility and creative possibilities. Katie came to work full-time with Art Clay World USA headquarters in mid-2007, after earning her Art Clay Senior Instructor status from Art Clay Senior Instructor and long-time mentor Judi Hendricks. Katie was initially certified by Jackie Truty, an Art Clay Master Instructor and president of Art Clay World USA.

In addition to directing the Art Clay Society, maintaining its website, and publishing its newsletters, Katie is also the marketing and advertising director and the wholesale accounts manager with Art Clay World USA. In her "spare time," Katie hopes to converse more often with her muses and create pieces from her heart and spirit.

Books by Katie:
Silver Clay Keepsakes: Family-Friendly Projects (with Judi Hendricks)


Kimberly has worked with wire since childhood. After a long career (32 years) as an educator and school administrator, she now indulges her love of wire artwork full time as an instructor and project designer.  She has been published in many Kalmbach titles – Bead&Button magazine, Wirework magazine, Creative Chain Mail Jewelry, and Creative Beading. Kimberly is past vice president and member of the San Antonio Bead and Ornament Society and a member of of the Southwest Gem and Mineral Society, San Antonio chapter. She has been a wirework instructor at Originals Beads and Gems of San Antonio for three years. Although teaching jewelry making and showing her work takes up much of her time, she also enjoys rock hunting, often riding her dirt bike to get to hard-to-reach spots for unusual specimens.

Books by Kimberly:
Build Your Own Wire Pendants
Handcraft Wire Jewelry

Bunting Ashley


Ashley Bunting is a Portland, ME based jewelry designer who designs jewelry and writes tutorials for, is a brand ambassador for Xuron Tools, and runs her independent jewelry business, Miss Ashely Kate. She sells her jewelry in an etsy shop, online from her website, and at regional shows and fairs in the Northeast. She has been published numerous times in Bead Style magazine. She teaches locally and nationally at venues such as Bead Fest.

Books by Ashley:
Fiber & Cord Jewelry

Melissa has been creating jewelry for over 10 years and owned a bead store in Washington State for seven years. She has a passion for teaching people how to make jewelry, and has traveled and taught at bead stores and shows around the country. Melissa has been a popular instructor at shows such as the Bead&Button Show, Bead Expo, and the Puget Sound Bead Festival.

Books by Melissa:
Spotlight on Wire
Metal Jewelry in Bloom
Beautiful Leather Jewelry

Visit Melissa's website:

BKS-67029-06_Carolyn CaveA

A self-taught bead artist living in Alberta, Canada, Carolyn Cave enjoys the endless creativity derived from stringing and stitching “little round shiny things with holes in them.” This is both a frustrating and exhilarating way to fill in the spare moments of her very full days as a wife, mother of three young ladies, and musician. Her work has been published in Bead&Button and Beadwork magazines, and she has been a winner in multiple categories of BeadStar every year since 2011. You can see some of Carolyn’s work on her Facebook page, Lady Beadle Designs.

Books by Carolyn:
Beautiful Designs with SuperDuos and Twin Beads
Stitching with a Handful of Beads
(available November 2017)

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Martine Callaghan has been passionate about wire and wirework for more than 10 years, ever since she took her first certified college course in jewelry making. In 2005, she launched a full-time career in jewelry, creating and selling unique, handcrafted pieces to individuals and boutiques. She also creates commissioned jewelry, has a successful line of custom-made bridal jewelry, and creates educational tutorials.

In 2009, she was named the “Jewellery Maker of the Year in Wirework” by the UK magazine Beads & Beyond. She is the magazine’s resident expert on wireworking, contributing a monthly column and answering readers’ queries through the magazine’s website. 

Martine enjoys developing innovative wirework techniques and sharing her talents through writing and teaching.

Books by Martine:
The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Wire Jewelry


Drawing from her trademark sense of style, Aimee creates stunning color palettes and designs to suit every crystal taste. She has a remarkable ability for simplifying stitch instructions, and her detailed illustrations are exceptionally easy to follow. Aimee currently teaches classes at the White Fox Bead Studio in Maryville, Tenn.

Books by Aimee:
Endless Sparkle
Combs Rebecca


Rebecca Combs has always had a passion for creating and teaching. She is the owner of Design & Adorn Beading Studio in Tucson, Arizona, and has been teaching a variety of classes in jewelry making there since 2008. Her specialty is kumihimo jewelry. She leads a variety of workshops with an emphasis on incorporating beads into kumihimo braids at other venues as well, including the annual Bead&Button Show.

Books by Rebecca:
Kumihimo Basics & Beyond
Kumihimo Jewelry Simplified



Raquel Cruz’ many years as a graphic design is evident in her beautifully proportioned jewelry and clear illustrations that support her instructions. She was first exposed to macrame in a middle school art class and rediscovered her love for it several years ago. Since then, in response to many requests, she has been publishing her tutorials via two websites, and, receiving very positive feedback from jewelry makers on both sites.

Books by Raquel:
Micro Macramé Basics & Beyond

DeSimone Heather

Heather DeSimone

Heather DeSimone has been taking apart and putting together jewelry for 35 years. She lives in Maine with her husband, Chris, and her two boys Max and Alex. She has been co-owner of The Beadin’ Path and since 1993. Her jewelry line, Leetie Lovendale, can be found online as well as at markets and boutiques across the country. When she’s not playing with jewelry parts, you can find her enjoying... ahh, she’s always playing with jewelry parts.

Books by Heather:
Create Three Dimensional Jewelry

Visit Heather's website:
The Beadin' Path


Barbara DeYoung is an artist and a jewelry designer, but foremost, she is a teacher. She is a senior instructor at Rochester’s Studio34 Learning Arts Center and also teaches her repertoire of bead weaving, chain mail, and wire wrapping classes in local schools, libraries, and bead stores. One of the founding members of Upstate New York Bead and Glass Guild, Barbara served as its program director for many years. She has also won awards for her chain mail designs from the Rochester Lapidary Society.

Books by Barbara:

Chain Mail & Wire Reimagined



Formerly an associate editor at Bead&Button magazine, Anna Elizabeth Draeger's years of designing projects, teaching, and editing give her a lead on what interests beaders at all levels of experience. In 2009, Anna was named an ambassador for the CREATE YOUR STYLE with CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements program, a handpicked network of 34 designers worldwide who are passionate about and prolific in using these Austrian crystal beauties in their projects and as they teach.

Books by Anna:
Creative Designs Using Shaped Beads
Great Designs for Shaped Beads: Tilas, Peanuts, & Daggers
Crystal Play

Eason Kelsy


An Oregon native, Kelsy currently resides in the Ft. Worth area of Texas with her husband and youngest daughter, while their oldest daughter lives and works in Oregon. When not fashioning new works of art, she can be found reading or learning to stretch her creative boundaries with new activities. She sells patterns and finished jewelry on her website

Books by Kelsy:
Micro-Macrame Jewelry

Visit Kelsy's website:

East Pam


Pam East is an internationally known artist, writer and teacher. She has been an enamelist since 1997, and was named a Master Instructor for Art Clay Silver in 2005.  Pam has appeared on the highly acclaimed Carol Duvall Show on HGTV, and Jewelry Making on the DIY Network. Her work and instructional articles have appeared in Art Jewelry magazine, Metal Clay Artist magazine, Lapidary Journal, and many others.  Pam has also been an invited speaker, giving classes and lectures at the Enamellist Society Biennial Conference, the Metal Clay World Conference, and the Pan-European Metal Clay Festival.

Born and raised in Southern California, Pam now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, daughter, and wonder dogs Porsche & Ferrari.

Books by Pam:
Enameling on Metal Clay: Innovative Jewelry Projects

Visit Pam's website:
Pam East: Fine Art Jewelry and Instruction

Fabre Josette5745R

Josie Fabre

Josie Fabre fell in love with stitching while in graduate school. As a full-time scientist and mother, she still beads every chance she gets. Her designs are often inspired by photographs she takes. Over ten years she has designed many popular projects for Bead & Button magazine. She lives in Sidell, LA.

Books by Josie:
Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry

Firor Kaska


Kaska Firor graduated from University of Cincinnati with a BA in Interior Design in 1988. Over the years, her love of handicrafts led her to pursue other creative avenues, as well including clay sculpture, stained glass, sawing and eventually wire arts. She has been designing and crafting wire jewelry since the summer of 2000, when she took her first instruction in that medium. She spent several years working with traditional wire-wrapping techniques honing her skills and experimenting with various types of wires and tools.   

In the last few years, her focus has shifted to more innovating wire techniques, including those borrowed from basket weaving and textile arts. The intricate and visually complex patterns of the weaves were what originally attracted Kaska to wire weaving. Her fascination with the art continues to grow as she discovers more complex and challenging ways of combining and modifying different techniques and more inventive ways of incorporating stones, beads, and other elements into her woven designs.

Kaska displays and sells her jewelry at art shows in the Midwest, where she has won numerous awards.  Her work has been published in several trade magazines; most recently, her woven bracelet design was featured on the cover of March 2012 issue of Art Jewelry magazine. She teaches jewelry classes locally at her studio in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as nationally. She believes that strong foundations are the key to successful design. In her classes, she emphasizes proper technique and attention to detail and challenges her students with projects designed to increase their skill level.

Books by Kaska:
Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry

Visit Kaska's website:
Designs by Kaska

Fox Kathy


Kathy began her professional career with Eastman Kodak Company as a sales account executive.  After working with Kodak for almost 10 years she retired from corporate life to stay home and raise her two children. When her youngest was in school full time, she wanted to pursue a career that would give her the flexibility to be there for her children and in 2002, Kathy and her husband David opened The Place to Bead in Naperville, Ill., the first full service bead store in the area. During her search for unique and eye-catching beads for the store, Kathy developed a passion for Venetian beads, their history, and the Venetian culture. In 2004, Kathy and her husband expanded the business with the addition of Bella Venetian Beads and are now the largest importers of genuine Venetian beads in the country.
Kathy wants to help maintain the integrity and history of Venetian beads and has been a guest speaker at NAJA National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (Tuscon show, Feb. 2009) and Gemological Institute of America Alumni Manhattan Chapter, spring 2009, to share this information.  She continues to manage and teach classes at The Place to Bead and also is the show promoter for the bi-annual Suburban Bead Encounter.  Kathy enjoys traveling to Europe and in 2008 organized a Mediterranean Bead Cruise with land excursions to Venice, Murano, Torcello, and Burano.

Books by Kathy:
The Venetian Glass Bead

Visit Kathy's website:
Bella Venetian Beads

Freyer Thompson 2


Judy Freyer Thompson has been published in several books and magazines including Art Jewelry, Step by Step Wire, and Copper Jewelry Collection. She is a new book author who is extremely active on social media.

Books by Judy:
Simple Metalwork Jewelry


Naomi began designing jewelry while earning her master's degree in sociology. In 1999, she left the academic life to pursue a career in making pretty things. She loves charm bracelets, handmade ornaments, and mixed-breed dogs.

Naomi has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. She currently lives in Milwaukee and is Senior Editor at Bead Style magazine.

Books by Naomi:
Cool Jewels: Beading Projects for Teens

Visit Naomi's blog:
Cool Jewels Blog

Gray Kieu Pham


Kieu Pham Gray has been creating jewelry for more than 15 years – starting with her desire to look the part while working in retail management for Neiman Marcus. Since then, she has sold her jewelry to more than 30 stores in 10 states and participated in numerous juried art shows. Kieu and her husband, Andy, run The Urban Beader (, an online specialty shop that offers stamps and other tools and supplies for jewelry making. Kieu teaches a wide range of popular classes at her stores, at the annual Bead&Button Show, and throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

Books by Kieu:
Hot & Cold Jewelry Connections

Visit Kieu's website:
Urban Beader


A lifelong artist, Christine works with a wide variety of media. In addition to creating ArtCharms and designing jewelry, Chris makes art glass marbles and lampwork beads. She also enjoys beaded embroidery, re-purposing found objects, and drawing. Chris is a freelance writer, and has published numerous non-fiction articles for trade and consumer publications. Chris lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family.

Books by Christine:
Making Mixed Media Art Charms and Jewelry (with Peggy Krzyzewski)

Visit Christine's blog:
Intuitive Sparks

Visit Christine's website:

Christine Hansen: Artist, Writer, Teacher


Helen Harle has been interested in crafts for as long as she can remember. She learned to knit and sew at age six and enjoyed knitting toys and making clothes for her dolls. Like many families, there was not much money to spare, so she would unpick unwanted garments and reuse the yarn and fabric for her projects. This continued into her teens, by which time she was making clothes, decorated with beads and embroidery, and restringing broken necklaces into new creations. Helen gets great satisfaction in making something nice from things other people throw away.

Helen lives in Torquay, Devon, England, with her husband, Adrian. They have two grown children, Tanya and Tom, and a new grandson, Christopher. When not making jewelry, Helen loves spending time in her garden, and she is a regular contributor to beading publications.

Books by Helen:
Create Colorful Aluminum Jewelry


Judi sees life as a never-ending journey of creative expression and so is accustomed to starting off in one direction and ending up somewhere completely unexpected - or going in five directions at once. In her daily life, she's a contract designer whose projects range from developing data collection tools for the pharmaceutical research industry to designing print ads. In her evening and weekend lives, she's a silver clay artist and teacher as well as a potter, combining her work in porcelain clay with Art Clay Overlay Paste to create new levels of expression. Of her pottery, she says, "I love shaping the earth. It's like playing with mud where you just might end up with a cereal bowl."

Judi feels that everyone has an inner artist. "I feel that souls were born to create," she says. She believes that a lot of pain that people experience occurs when they have lost touch with their creative spark and creative process, almost as though they have forgotten how to enjoy playing, which makes it hard to enjoy life. She believes that silver clay's ultra-fast learning curve and affordability makes it a perfect playful medium for reopening the door to personal creative expression.

Books by Judi:
Silver Clay Keepsakes: Family-Friendly Jewelry (with Katie Baum)



Jamie Hogsett is a bead lover, jewelry designer, beading instructor, freelance editor, and the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company.

She is the author of Stringing Style and co-author, with Marlene Blessing, of Create Jewelry: Pearls, Create Jewelry: Crystals, Create Jewelry: Stones, and Create Jewelry: Glass. Jamie's work has been published numerous times in Stringing and Beadwork magazines as well as in Beadwork Creates Beaded Rings, Beadwork Creates Beaded Bags, and Beadwork Creates Beaded Earrings.

Books by Jamie:
Show Your Colors (with Sara Hardin Oehler)


Originally from the Chicago area, Cathy came to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University in the early '80s and never left the city. She began making jewelry more than 15 years ago, while working at a Milwaukee daily newspaper. In 2005, she landed her dream job as editor of Bead Style magazine. In addition to making jewelry, Cathy enjoys travel (and creating scrapbooks from her trips), baking, gardening, movies, and books.

She lives in a beautiful old house that is filled with beads and memories -- and says there's always room for more of both.

Books by Cathy:
Hip Handmade Memory Jewelry
Jewelry Projects from a Beading Insider

Quick and Easy Stitched Jewelry


Virginia is a designer and bead-weaving teacher from Grand Junction, Colo. After a full career in advertising and publishing that included awards for her graphic design, she now focuses on creating wearable jewelry with a trained eye for proportion, color palette, and pattern.

Virginia's beaded designs have appeared in many leading beading publications, including Bead&Button magazine. She is co-founder of her area's Art Jewelers Guild.

Books by Virginia:
Cube Bead Stitching
Contemporary Cube Bead Design

Visit Virgina's website:
VirJen Mettle
james steven


Steven James spent his childhood coloring outside the lines, peeling the wrapper off crayons, and making glue skin in the palm of his hand.

Now older, wiser, and craftier, he invites you to join in the fun. Put aside the responsibilities of your life and get back the creative connections you made as an eight-year old. A full-time elementary-school teacher, who has made appearances on the DIY and HGTV networks, Steven loves taking a break from his gradeschool
routine to spend a few hours with adults who will hopefully avoid picking noses, scabs, or fights and focus on getting inspired, being creative, and most importantly, having fun.

His work has appeared in magazines such as ReadyMade and Bead Style, and books from Lark and Kalmbach. He has spread his love for the handmade by developing craft ideas for TiVo, the Gap, and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as various websites. Living by the mantra, “What are you gonna make today?” Steven hopes to spark creativity in everyone he meets, and loves teaching classes around the world.

Books by Steven:
Discover Torch Enameling

Visit Steven's website:
Macaroni and Glitter
Katz Amy


Amy has been part of the world of seed beads since 1993 as a student, teacher, and designer. High-end jewelry has always been something she has admired and loved. When she began designing her own beadwork pieces, Amy decided to create a fine-jewelry look with seed beads and crystals.  Using imagination and the highest quality materials, this vision has materialized into her signature style.  Amy teaches nationally.

Books by Amy:
Beading Across America

Visit Amy's website:
Bead Journey by Amy Katz


Patricia has always been involved in art, from childhood on. Her early interests focused on apparel design and later, jewelry. She holds a Ph.D. in Textiles and Clothing and taught apparel design at the college level for seven years.
Patricia has been exploring polymer clay for nearly 20 years. About 5 years ago, she added metal clay to the mixture to create mixed media jewelry. She sells her jewelry to galleries and gift shops across the country. She has two lines; a fashion line which combines silver and polymer with a strong nature theme, and an inspirational line which incorporates scripture verses and prayers in the silver. She uses all original drawings, carved designs, and molds of foliage collected in her own yard in her artwork. Patricia has written over 30 project articles for jewelry craft magazines and general craft publications. She teaches polymer and metal clay at events around the country, including the Bead & Button Show.

Patricia lives on a small “hobby farm” in Ames, Iowa, with her husband and three children, a large garden, sheep, a few chickens and ducks, and a dog. She enjoys cooking and needle arts when not in the studio.

Books by Patricia:
Perfectly Paired: Designing Jewelry with Polymer and Metal Clays
Exploring Canework in Polymer Clay: Color, Pattern, and Surface Design

Visit Patricia's website:
Patricia Kimle Designs


Heather is an English beadwork artist who teaches beadwork nationally and internationally and has a strong following on facebook, through her blog and on her website.

Books by Heather:
Introducing Albion Stitch


As a mixed media artist, motivational speaker, and teacher with over twenty years of experience, Peggy’s goal is to provide a safe and non-judgmental place to practice the four Es: Enjoyment, Empowerment, Exploration and self-Expression. Her classes focus on having fun as well as learning techniques. She earned her Master’s Degree in Life Coaching with an emphasis on Creativity, and leads workshops devoted to claiming one’s Creative Spirit through art; her business name, ARTandSOULtoo, reflects that combination. Peggy currently teaches fused glass and mixed media jewelry, polymer clay, paper making, metal working, gourd art, WishCrafting, and assemblage.

Books by Peggy:
Making Mixed Media Art Charms and Jewelry (with Christine Hansen)

Visit Peggy's blog:


Heidi's beadwork is an expression of herself, and her feelings for Mother Earth and the creatures upon her. Heidi started working in beads in 1975 and remembers making jewelry even as a young child. Her great-grandmother was a Chippewa Indian whom crafted beadwork for vaudeville. She feels the gift was passed down to her, and through researching Native American beadwork techniques and trial and error, her work has continually evolved. She currently lives on 12 acres in the Colorado Rockies with her husband Gregg, and their son. Their home is totally off the grid, using only the sun and a back-up generator for power.

Heidi has won numerous design awards throughout her career. Most recently she won 1st Place in the Finished Jewelry class and 2nd Place in the Seed Beads class at the Bead&Button Show 2008. Heidi has also written several articles on beadwork techniques and her work has been featured in several books. Heidi hopes through her work to share the beauty that surrounds her and spread enlightenment and happiness.

Books by Heidi:
The Art of Bead Embroidery: Technique, Design, & Inspiration (with Sherry Serafini)
The Spirit of Bead Embroidery

Visit Heidi's website:
Heidi Kummli Designs
Landy Linda


A freelance writer with more than 30 years of experience, Linda Landy has been teaching bead embroidery for over 10 years, including demonstrations at the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild (SFJAG). She also has taught at the Best Bead Show in Miami and BeadFest Philadelphia, and she has been published in Bead&Button magazine and Bead&Button online.

Books by Linda:
Textured Bead Embroidery


Eve cannot remember a time when she was not interested in some sort of artistic expression. Her artistic expression can take many forms: beading, crocheting, decorative painting, decoupage, jewelry making, knitting, paper crafts, polymer clay, and sewing. She taught herself most of what she knows. Her work appeared in the following magazines: Bead Design Studio, Bead Unique, BeadWork, Crafts n things, Craft Ideas, Create and Decorate, Crochet World, Just Cards, PolymerCAFE, Quick and Easy Painting, RubberStampMadness, Scrap and Stamp Arts, Soft Dolls and Animals and Stitch. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, please visit her blog at

Books by Eve:
Casual Bead Elegance, Stitch by Stitch

Visit Eve's blog:


Karen Leonardo has been a lampworker and jewelry designer since 1996, and she has authored and contributed to a number of lampworking and jewelry books. She has invented a glass tool called the Leonardo Petal Puller, which pulls petals from glass rods to be used in sculpted glass flowers. Karen also has a tool line called The Leonardo Imprinters; the tools imprint various designs into the hot glass.

Karen's accomplishments include honors in the art world as well as the business world. She is proud to be nominated for awards, such as the Pennsylvania Artist of the Year and The International Who's Who of Business Women and Entrepreneurs. A member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, Karen runs a successful lampworking website with her beads, jewelry, books, and tools, and can also be found on etsy and eBay.

Books by Karen:
Art Bead Jewelry: Seasons in Glass

Visit Karen's website:
Leonardo Lampwork

Martin and Sherman

Beth L. Martin
Jewelry designer Beth L. Martin spends the summer months walking the beaches of Lake Erie in search of glass and other shoreline findings. In turn, these pieces become fabulous jewelry, lamps, trays, and anything else her imagination conjures up. She is well-versed in the historical lore of sea glass, as well as the mystery of its origin. Beth is continually inspired by the beautiful colors and textures of these gems. She is also an instructor, and her gift is inspiring students to incorporate sea glass in new and unique ways.

Books by Beth (and Eva M. Sherman):
Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry

Visit Beth's website:


Teresa Meister has enjoyed making art for as long as she can remember, playing with many different media from finger paint to pastels to photography. She had a “Eureka!” moment the day she laid eyes on a rainbow filled wall of seed beads in a craft store more 20 years ago. Today beads are at the heart of her jewelry designs, and she loves finding new ways to use seed beads to communicate her ideas. In recent years, she has incorporated bead weaving with fine wire to create jewelry with a distinctive, graceful look.

Teresa holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Teresa was profiled in the German beading magazine Perlen Poesie (Issue #6) and has contributed to Bead Unique and Beadwork magazines. She teaches her designs nationally and locally. Teresa lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills with her husband of over 25 years, Jason, and their two beloved greyhounds, Bob and Ray. 

Books by Teresa:
Creative Seed Bead Connections

Visit Teresa's website:
Creative Bead Jewelry Design


Melody has been designing jewelry for 20 years. Her work has been shown in juried competitions in several states. She teaches internationally and manages the class program for her local state-of-the-art bead store. Melody is the author of Boutique Bead & Wire Jewelry, the coauthor of Beaded Edgings, and has contributed to dozens of other beading books and publications.

Melody also is the executive director and co-founder of Soul of Somanya, an organization dedicated to develop sustainable employment opportunities in the field of beadwork for residents of the town of Somanya-Krobo in the eastern region of Ghana, West Africa.

Books by Melody:
Lacy Wire Jewelry
Decorative Wire Findings

Visit Melody's website:
Soul of Somanya


Irina was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She pursued degrees in international relations and Russian, but became interested in beading while running an import business that dealt in Morrocan jewelry and handicrafts.

Irina began teaching Precious Metal Clay classes as a Certified Instructor in 2002, and became a PMC Senior Instructor in 2005. Her work has been featured in Bead&Button, BeadStyle, and Art Jewelry magazines. She lives in Brookfield, Wis., with her husband and two sons.

Books by Irina:
Inventive Metal Clay for Beaders: Exciting Projects for All Levels
Metal Clay for Beaders
More Metal Clay for Beaders: 18 Innovative Projects

Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders
Metal Clay Rings
Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders 2

Irina's Inspirations for Jewelry
Classic Style, Fresh Look

Finding Style


Certified in both Art Clay and PMC programs, Nana has been teaching metal clay classes and workshops since 2002. She has taught regularly with Colorado Free University, Front Range Community College, and the Rocky Mountain Bead Society. Nana has twice demonstrated her metal clay techniques on the popular DIY Network's jewelry making show hosted by Jackie Guerra. In 2003, she took second place in the Lapidary Journal's Bead Arts Awards, and in 2002, her work appeared in Positively Precious Metal Clay, a national juried exhibition at the Artisans Center of Virginia.

When she's not teaching metal clay classes or working on jewelry, Nana pursues her interest in international affairs. She has worked for the Fulbright Commission in Tokyo and Jakarta. Most recently, she taught international relations at Teikya University in Denver. Nana lives in Colorado with her husband, John, their children, and several pets, including Spooky the dog.

Books by Nana:
Metal Clay Magic: Making Silver Jewelry the Easy Way

Oehler Sara


Sara Oehler (pronounced "Ay-ler" or simplified to Sara O!) is a well-known designer residing in sunny Phoenix, Ariz. Sara co-authored the book Show Your Colors, and has designed and written for numerous publications including: BeadStyle, Bead&Button, Bead Trends, Stringing, Jewelry in Fashion Trends, Simply Beads, The Flow and Today’s Creative Home Arts. She has had her design featured on the cover to two magazines: 2011 September issue of BeadStyle and 2012 June issue of Bead&Button.

As “Ask Sara” of Soft Flex® Company, she has had her work featured in several advertisements, signs, fliers, postcards, and more. Sara has attended, showed her designs, demoed and taught within the Soft Flex® Company booth at hundreds of bead shows in her 13-year career, and is a reoccurring guest on Jewel School for Jewelry Television. The SoftFlexGirl blog that she created and maintains currently has almost 1500 followers.

Books by Sara:
Show Your Colors (with Jamie Hogsett)

Visit Sara's blog:

Soft Flex Girl


Cindy is a graphic designer turned award-winning beader, author, and instructor with a passion for teaching beginners. She has a true gift for sharing techniques, tips, and tricks in a clear and friendly tone. Cindy is a master instructor for Art Clay Silver, is PMC certified, and also teaches beading and metal clay classes in Brea, Calif., and at the Bead&Button Show.

Books by Cindy:
The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Metal Clay Jewelry

Visit Cindy's website:


Nealay is a jewelry designer who incorporates fashion trends and the latest styles into his work. He has been published in several beading magazines, including Bead Unique and Bead&Button, and has taught at beading stores. In addition to designing jewelry, Nealay teaches a course in fashion jewelry at the Tulsa Technology Center in his home state of Oklahoma.

Books by Nealay:
Jewelry for the New Romantic
Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire


Julie has developed an enormous following in the polymer clay community due to her remarkable ability to create inviting color palettes and showcase them in her work. As a respected and sought-after artist and teacher, she has become a show favorite and attracts crowds of followers eager to purchase and learn how to make her signature pieces. Julie is an active member of the polymer clay community and also teaches for polymer guilds. Her teaching has taken her to many venues and major shows throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Books by Julie:
Patterns in Polymer: Imprint and Accent Bead Techniques

Visit Julie's website:
Yellow House Designs


Laura Poplin was a finalist in the 2010 Halstead Grant competition, previously known as the Jewelry Design Business Development Grant, for up-and-coming jewelry entrepreneurs. Laura is a member of the Ohio Arts Council, the Dayton Visual Arts Center, and the American Craft Council.

Many Ohio galleries and boutiques carry her jewelry, which she sells under the brand “Enchainements,” from the French word meaning “linking.”

Books by Laura:
Unconventional Chain Mail


Heather is an artist well known for her beautiful polymer clay beads, collected by jewelry enthusiasts all over the world.  Her work has been featured on television and in magazines and books.  She is also the organizer and planner of the Bead Cruise, and is the founder and editor of Art Bead Scene, an interactive blog that celebrates art beads and inspires those who use them.

Books by Heather:
Jewelry Designs from Nature
Beautiful Elements

Visit Heather's websites:

Humble Beads and Art Bead Scene


Now retired from a career in engineering, Karen Rakoski has been writing about and teaching wirework since 2006. Her project articles have appeared in Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry, Bead&Button, and Art Jewelry magazines, as well as in the Creative Beading series of books. Karen is a senior instructor of wire and glass fusing at Studio 34 Jewelry Arts Learning Center in Rochester, New York, and one of the founding members of the Upstate New York Glass Bead and Jewelry Guild.

Books by Karen:

Chain Mail & Wire Reimagined



Kay Rashka has been creating jewelry for 25 years, working primarily in sterling silver and semiprecious gemstones. Kay is a scientist in the biotech industry by day and a jewelry artist and instructor by night. “My goal is to help as many people as possible enjoy sawing metal and soldering in my lifetime,” she says.

Kay teaches in and around her home studio near Madison, Wisconsin, and at venues including the Bead&Button Show, Peninsula Art School, the Art Glass and Bead Show, and Shake Rag Alley.

Books by Kay:

Bead Meets Metal

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Jeanne grew up in Maryland, and she began making and selling jewelry while attending college. She married and moved to Norway in 1991, where she spent the next 14 years learning and experimenting with Norwegian filigree techniques, eventually developing her own signature style based on Norwegian jewelry traditions. Jeanne currently lives in North Carolina with her two daughters.

Books by Jeanne:
Silver Threads: Making Wire Filigree Jewelry

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Jeannius Designs


Sue shares her expertise in chain mail in workshops across the country, and her original designs are represented in a gallery in Sedona, Ariz. She and her husband have developed her passion into a web-based business, "Jewelry by Sue," through which they offer finished jewelry, kits, and jump rings made to precise specifications. They travel together to many well-known bead, jewelry, and wirework shows to spread their knowledge and appreciation of the chain mail art.

Books by Sue:
Classic Chain Mail Jewelry
Classic Chain Mail Jewelry with a Twist
Chain Mail Elegance

Visit Sue's website:

Jewelry by Sue


Gail is known for her innovative uses of polymer clay in home décor items, jewelry, miniatures, and more. She teaches her techniques, demonstrates at national trade shows, and tests new polymer clay products for manufacturers. Her first book, Making Miniature Villages in Polymer Clay, was published in 2000, and her designs have appeared in many leading craft magazines.

Gail has been featured on The Carol Duvall Show and Hands On Crafts for Kids. She is a member of the International Polymer Clay Association and the Craft & Hobby Association.

Books by Gail:
Artful Polymer Clay

Roschyk Maggie


Maggie Roschyk is an accomplished beadwork artist whose work can be seen in many publications, including Bead&Button magazine, Art Jewelry Today, and 500 Beaded Objects. Maggie shows her work and teaches at many venues, including the Bead&Button Show in the U.S. and the Bead Art and Jewelry Accessory Fair in Germany. She will be a featured speaker at the 2011 International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) conference.

Maggie is a contributing editor to Bead&Button magazine and the author of an online column called "Maggie’s Musings" at Bead& Her goal is to inspire others to create beaded art that reflects their individuality.

Books by Maggie:
Artistic Seed Bead Jewelry


A collector of all things intriguing, Brenda's creative career started in silkscreen, collage, and assemblage. A segue into the world of jewelry design was spawned when she accepted the gig to co-author BeadStyle's Fashion Forecast. Brenda is now a frequent contributor to BeadStyle and has also been published in Art Jewelry and Bead&Button magazines, as well as a number of other pamphlets and books.

Brenda lives in Waukesha, Wis., with her found husband and not-at-all altered sons.

Books by Brenda:
Junk to Jewelry: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Found Objects in Jewelry You Can Actually Wear
Vintage Redux: Remake Classic & Collectible Jewelry

Visit Brenda's website:
Brenda Schweder Jewelry


Sherry is a beadwork artist who has been creating beaded body adornment since 1997. Unusual objects and shapes become part of a new story as she stitches beads and gemstones to a felt-like base. Sherry finds this meditative form of art to be a rich counterpoint to a society full of instant gratification. Sherry lectures and teaches throughout the U.S. Her work has been published widely, and has won numerous awards including People's Choice Bead Dreams 2006, Jurors Merit Award 2006 Bead International, Best of Pennsylvania Artisans and Kennedy Best Artist Nationally.

Sherry's one-of-a-kind designs have been worn by icon Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and are owned by by pro golfer Michelle Wie, Melissa Etheridge, and hip hop lead singer Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. She lives in Natrona Heights, Pa., with her two daughters.

Books by Sherry:
The Art of Bead Embroidery: Technique, Design, & Inspiration (with Heidi Kummli)
Beading Across America (with Paulette Baron and Amy Katz)

Visit Sherry's website:
Sherry Serafini Jewelry Design
Sexton Candice


Candice Sexton discovered bead crochet in 2001 when traveling with beadwork on airplanes became a challenge. She loves the relaxing, meditative, and creative qualities of bead crochet, and she also enjoys beadweaving and wireworking. Candice delights in devising new and unusual ways to work with materials and techniques, such as creating the ruffles technique and using wire as a thread for sewing beads.

Candice’s work has been published in Bead&Button and Perlen Poesie magazines. She teaches locally in her home state of Indiana and nationally at the Bead&Button Show and Bead Fest.

Candice has a bachelor’s degree in construction and a master’s degree in media communication, and she works as an advertising and marketing professional. Her varied background includes working as an engineer, publishing a women’s magazine, and working in catalog design and development.

Books by Candice:
Bead Crochet Basics & Beyond

Visit Candice's website:

Candice Sexton

Martin and Sherman

Eva M. Sherman
Jewelry designer Eva M. Sherman began beading as a way to spend time with her daughters but soon became hopelessly addicted. In 2005, she traded in her architectural career for the opportunity to spend all her time among beads and opened Grand River Bead Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Eva now happily spends most days in the studio creating, writing, and teaching, but has been known to take her show on the road. She has discovered an affinity for working with wire and metals, and prefers to design in an organic and unstructured style.

Books by Eva (and Beth L. Martin):
Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry
Cool Copper Cuffs

Visit Eva's website:

Silvera Anat


Anat Silvera started soldering sterling at the tender age of 11, and has remained bitten by the jewelry bug ever since. Along the way she has been a jewelry designer, selling her craft across the US and Canada, has contributed to a Klutz Press book, been featured artist at Oakland Museum Collectors Gallery worked in Jewelry stores, owned and operated  a bead and yarn store. She now uses her knowledge and gifts to teach an array of jewelry making skills in different venues, including  the Silvera Jewelry School, Baubles and Beads, Alaska Bead Company  and at national festivals, like the Bead & Button Show. Anat combines her love of enamel color and metal in the daily pursuit of jewelry making and discovers new ways to help her students to explore their creativity.

Anat was born in Los Angeles, and now makes Berkeley, California her home, along with her husband and two dogs

Books by Anat:
Enameling Made Easy


Joe graduated with a BFA in Metalsmithing with honors and later apprenticed as a goldsmith in southern California. After his apprenticeship, he worked as a model-maker for jewelers in Los Angeles and began selling his own jewelry at fine art galleries and shows across the country. His favorite technique is lost-wax casting, for which he carves rings and detailed sculptures of animals.

Now, with 20-plus years of experience, He and his wife Anat founded and teach at the Silvera Jewelry School in Berkeley, Calif. His classes provide a great foundation in the fundamental skills of jewelry and are mixed with laughter, encouragement, and lots of creativity.

Books by Joe:
Soldering Made Simple
Soldering Beyond the Basics

Visit Joe's website:
Joe Silvera: Wax Carver, Metalsmith, Teacher


Debbi has worked with a variety of art media and subject matter over the years. Working creatively since 1993, her paintings have been exhibited in juried and invitational shows and group and solo regional exhibitions throughout the Midwest. She has won numerous awards for her paintings. Her original jewelry designs have been featured in Bead&Button and BeadStyle magazines. She has also taught classes at the Bead&Button Show and seminars for Swarovski.

Debbi studied art and design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, earning a BFA in Design with a minor in Illustration and Photography. After spending a few years in the design field she decided that her passion was fine art and began painting seriously again. She continually experiments with different media. 

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Debbi is a mother of two wonderful children who have taught her to be all that she can be.

Books by Debbi:
Crystal Chic: Custom Jewelry with Dazzling Details



A former public school instructor and current owner of a retail store, Expressive Impressions, Kim now combines her love of teaching with her creative talent as a jewelry maker. Kim teaches metalsmithing and other jewelry-making techniques at the William Holland School of the Lapidary Arts, the Bead&Button Show, Swarovski's Create Your Style in Tucson, the Wildacres Retreat, and other venues across the U.S.

Books by Kim:
Mixed Metal Mania
Metal Magic
Colorful Wirework Jewelry

Visit Kim's website:
Kim St. Jean
Stone Beth


Beth calls beadwork "a puzzle with infinite solutions." The third in a line of beading artists - her grandmother was a beader and artist and her mother still is - Beth's first love is seed bead work and creating pieces of art by combining tiny points of color using different off-loom bead-stitching techniques. In addition to her seed bead work, she also creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition bracelets and necklaces using vintage and new glass, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, and gemstones. Completely self-taught, Beth says her mistakes are often the best lessons.

Beth has shown her work at local art shows since 1990 and had her work displayed and sold in a number of fine-art galleries and gift stores. In 1998, one of her pieces was published in Bead&Button magazine; she calls its publication "a dream come true." Since then, many of her creations have been featured in the magazine. In addition, from the premiere issue until January 2006, Beth was one of the contributing editors for BeadStyle magazine. Her work can also be seen in various books and booklets from Kalmbach Publishing.

Books by Beth:
Seed Bead Stitching
More Seed Bead Stitching

Bead Play Every Day

Visit Beth's website:
Beth Stone: Beaded Jewelry Designs
Sweet McNamara

Amy K. Sweet-McNamara

Amee K. Sweet-McNamara experiments and develops her own techniques, and in 2010 she became a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Her work is sold through a number of shops and galleries Amee runs her own website where she sells kits, raw soutache, and video tutorials for working with soutache.

Amee’s work will appear as the cover project of the June 2012 issue of Bead&Button She works as an interior design specialist and has extensive knowledge of the fabric markets

Books by Amy:
Soutache & Bead Embroidery

Visit Amy's website:
Amy Runs with Scissors

Van Voorhees Karin JWL


Karin has always been drawn to crafts and making jewelry. She considers herself on her fourth or fifth career, having had previous lives ranging from high-tech and fast paced to the decidedly lower-tech.

Karin has had two roles at Kalmbach Publishing Co., first designing projects and writing for BeadStyle magazine, and now as a senior editor in the Books department. She has a B.A. degree from Denison University.

Books by Karin:
Altered You!
Mostly Metals: A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Design
The Absolute Beginner's Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry
Jewelry Making 1-2-3

Visit Karin's blog:
Artful Crafts
Whiting Diane


As a CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Ambassador, Diane Whiting is also moderator of the CREATE YOUR STYLE Sparkling Community, which reaches DIY jewelry enthusiasts around the world, along with her blog, “Sparkles and Smiles.” Diane currently attend Bead & Button, Tucson (CREATE YOUR STYLE, To Bead True Blue, and Tucson Bead Show), CHA (Winter Show), and the Pasadena Bead & Design Show (winter and summer) annually, and will add teaching appearances for 2012 and 2013 at the San Francisco Bead Show, various Bead Societies, and local bead stores.

Repurposed: Diane Whiting is an original Swarovski Elements Ambassador who has been designing and teaching for more than 10 years. Her work has been featured in several magazines, and her purses have won numerous awards. Contact Diane via email at, or visit

Books by Diane:
Convertible Crystal Jewelry

Visit Diane's websites:
Diane Whiting Designs

Wisniewski Kat


Kat Wisniewski is an inventive and dedicated pioneer in the craft of chain mail. In 2003, she learned the craft by finding chain mail weave photos online and printing them larger in order to decipher how the rings interacted. She bought various rings from craft stores, opened them with her fi ngers and terrible pliers and then some how figured out how to push the rings into the proper positions to match the photos. It took a few months before she realized there were online tutorials and ring suppliers. She was so enthusiastic about the craft, that she started teaching chain mail within just a few months of learning it.

Kat has won various awards for her work, and is well known for her 15 chain mail tutorials, including her famous Glass Caterpillar Bracelet pattern. She has published many tutorials with Blue Buddha Boutique, Wirework, and Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazines. Kat has also ghost-written 42 of Blue Buddha Boutique’s tutorials. Kat has taught at many locations in the Chicagoland area and currently continues to teach at Lill Street Art Center and Blue Buddha Boutique. You can also fi nd Kat’s work via her jewelry company, Elemental Art Jewelry and at various fine art shows in the Chicagoland area. Please visit the book’s website,, for more details on the projects, tools, bonus info, and more!

Books by Kat:
New Connections

Visit Kat's websites:
Elemental Art Jewelry

Wilkes Lori


Ohio artist Lori Wilkes is convinced that it’s as equally important to wear art as it is to be surrounded by it.  “It’s a kind of positive therapy," she says. "I’ve seen it a hundred times—that look a person gets when she sees herself wearing a unique and beautiful necklace or pair of fun earrings. It’s true! Wearing art makes you feel good.” 

With this in mind, Lori has focused on art-to-wear, on thoughtful pieces with a hat-tip to common experiences. How does she get her ideas? By always observing the world around her.  “I’m never without my little notebook,” she says, “always jotting down and sketching inspiring and sometimes funny ideas and, of course, patterns.  I love patterns. It could be a mosaic floor or an insect wing.  It’s a blast to flip through my notebook back in my studio. There’s never a shortage of ideas to work with.”

Lori has published over twenty articles in Bead&Button, Belle Armoire Jewelry, Polymer Café, Green Craft and Polymer Pizzazz II.

Books by Lori:
The Absolute Beginners Guide: Working with Polymer Clay

Visit Lori's websites:
Wearable Art by Lori Wilkes and Wearable Art by Lori Wilkes on Etsy


Lesley grew up in a family with a strong DIY spirit and has enjoyed doing crafts of all kinds since she was very young. She has been beading since 2003, when she began working for Kalmbach Books. She was the compiling editor for a few books in the Creative Beading series, had a hand in dozens of other Kalmbach publications, and worked on the staff of Bead&Button magazine as well. Lesley enjoys how stitching with beads engages her analytical, puzzle-solving skills and indulges her creative side at the same time.

Lesley holds a bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in writing from Pacific University. She lives in southeastern Wisconsin.

Books by Lesley:
The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stitching Beaded Jewelry


Cynthia's urge to learn and create is a daily quest, arising from her formal education, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicage.

She is a contributor to Art Jewelry and BeadStyle magazines. Her work can also be found in a number of books, such as Easy Beading, Vol. 4, The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry, The Art of Jewelry: Wood, and Beading with Pearls. She lives in Chicago with her husband.

Books by Cynthia:
Inspired Wire


Bead designer and writer Nancy Zellers enjoyed creating amazing beadwork "one little bead at a time." She took seed beads and turned them into something different, bigger and totally unexpected using her analytical perspective and software design training.

Her first exposure to beadwork was in the ‘70s when she explored loomed beadwork and needlepoint. In the ‘90s, she took several art classes and started producing sculptural works with seed beads. These sculptures have appeared in over 28 local and national contemporary exhibitions. She wrote over 35 articles for magazines and books, as well as several Interweave Press and Lark books, and she taught on the local and national level for more than 10 years.

Nancy passed away in early 2013 with her husband, Steve, by her side. We here at Kalmbach Books are proud to have been a part of her love for beading.

Books by Nancy:
Bead Tube Jewelry
Metallic Seed Bead Splendor

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