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Common Forum Questions
Published: June 11, 2008
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What is a Profile?
A profile is information about your account that controls how you view information within the forum. This includes details about posts you've contributed to, personal information you wish to share such as your web address or weblog address, as well as settings that control how you interact with the forum such as: themes, time zone, and many other settings.

How do I post a new message to a forum?
When viewing a forum you should see an image button reading New Topic. Clicking on this image button will take you to a form for posting a message. You must be logged in.

How do I reply to an existing post?

You can reply to an existing post using either the Reply or Quote image buttons displayed with the post. If you do not see the Reply or Quote image buttons when viewing a post, the post may not allow replies.

How do I attach images to my post?

First, you need to have your images hosted somewhere. We don't host the images.

Second, once you have the image hosted somewhere, then all you need to do is use the following syntax in your post:
[img][/img].  Or use the "Insert Media" tool icon found in the text editor toolbar to paste in the location of your image and select INSERT. 

How do I add Signature to my Post?

A signature is a message that is appended to the end of any posts you make in the forums. You can edit your signature from the profile page. This signature will then appear at the bottom of any messages posted by you.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a feature of the forums which allows for an image to be displayed along with your posts.

How do I set my avatar?

You will see an avatar section when viewing your profile. From here you can complete the form to name the avatar you wish to use, either uploading an avatar or specifying a URL to your avatar. You will also need to enable your avatar for it to be displayed with your posts.

How do I edit my posts?

Edit image button next to posts you have made. Clicking on this image button will allow you to edit your post.

How do I delete my posts?

Delete image button next to new posts you have made. If a post you have made has one or more replies you will no longer be able to delete the post.

My Post has words replaced with ***?

When word filters are enabled certain words that are deemed to be offensive are filtered and replaced with the '*' character.

I can't post with Netscape 8.1.

Netscape 8.1 allows you to choose whether or not you want a site displayed like Firefox or Internet Explorer(IE). When Firefox is selected, when submitting the page it acts like no message has been submitted. When changing it to IE, then it works. So for Netscape 8.1 users, in order for you to use the text editor in the forum, you'll have to select the IE option.

The browser remembers the setting too, so you won't have to keep switching it.

I can't type in the text editor.

JavaScript is needed to use the text editor. If JavaScript is not enabled you will not be able to use the editor.

What are Private Messages and Conversations?

A private message or conversation is like email within the forum. You can send a private message or conversation to other users within this forum that is visible only to them. No private information, such as the user's email address, is ever disclosed.

Why do I want to set my time zone?

Setting your timezone will enable Community Server to display all dates and time relative to your time zone.

BBCode Tips

When posting you can enhance your text with bbCode tags. Just put the appropiate around the test you want enhanced

example [b]Bolded Text[/b]

[b][/b] - Bold
[i][/i] - Italics
[u][/u] - Underline

This can also be done by highligting the text within your post you wish to format and then using the format icons in the message tool bar to bold, italicize, or underline your text.

Why is my text not making paragraphs?

The MAC Safari browser has issues with our Forum software. It does not recognize the breaks in the text box for posts. We recommend using Firefox to avoid this problem.