Forum First Steps

Here are the beginning steps to be able to reply or post in our Forums

Published: November 12, 2009
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I can't get to the forum.
Internet Explorers latest edition of IE11 is not fully compatible with our sites. We recommend viewing the site in the compatibility view.

Under the Tools menu, click “Compatibility View Settings” to add our website. The website address will prepopulate in the “Add this website” box.  You will only need to then click the Add button and then Close.  The site will automatically reload in the compatibility view.  You should then be able to access all site features. Should you continue to experience further challenges, we would then recommend trying a different browser. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.



Login Box

Logging in

On the top right of the forum screen you will see a log in box. You must be a registered member of the forum to participate. Sign in.

If you are not a registered member, simply click the "Register" link  and create an account.

You must then create a screenname. You will not be allowed to participate in the forum without a screenname.

Here is a video on how to create a screen name

Forum Organization:

The forum is divided into separate discussion topics (These are noted by title bars). Under each topic you will find a series of discussion threads. The individual thread title appears in the left column followed by the latest post and author. To participate or read the thread, simply click on the thread title or the latest post.

When you enter a thread topic, a series of individual topic Posts will appear.
To begin a new post, click on the "Write a New Post" button at the top left of the forum.

If you enter a post and wish to reply you may do so by clicking the "Reply" button on the individual post box.
Using the Text Editor:

This editor has a few new options:

If replying to an existing post you wish to quote the original poster - highlight the text in the yellow quote box you wish to use and hit the "Quote" button. This will automatically place the desired text as the first line of your post. If writing an original post or replying you can use the top tool bar options to edit your post.

From left to right they are:

Bold - Highlight the text you wish to bold and press this icon
Italics - Highlight the text you wish to italicize and press this icon
Underline - Highlight the text you wish to underline and press this icon

Hyperlink and Break Hyperlink - To add a hyperlink to your post, highlight the text you wish to link and press the icon that looks like a chain. A box will appear. Type in the web address you would like to link: make sure to begin it with http://www.

To remove the hyperlink, highlight the same text and press the icon that looks like a broken chain.

Add an image - To add an image to your post select the add image icon (a tree). A pop up box will appear. You will need to post the url or web address of you image in the designated area.

To post an image your image must be hosted by a file sharing service of some sort such as flickr, photobucket, or one of our magazine galleries.

Note: This options is not available on American Snowmobiler

Paste from Word - To paste directly from word, press the folder and 'W' icon. A separate text box will appear that will allow you to copy and paste your formatting from a Microsoft Word document.

Add Tags - To make your post more searchable to other forum members, add TAGS to the tag box. Common and popular tags appear to the right of the forums.

Clicking on these tags will display all the forum postings with these tags; the larger the tag; the more popular.
Other forum Search Options:

To search the forum for specific topics or posters, type in your text and hit search.
Also to the right you will see boxes displaying both active and unanswered topics to help you better find places of interest.

Common Problems:
To avoid common technical difficulties, we suggest that you make sure that your Web browser is upgraded to the latest versions of Firefox (2.0 or 3.0)or Internet Explorer IE8.

You can download these browsers for free here.