Ordering a Gift Subscription

Published: November 15, 2009
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Step 1: Enter Recipient's Information
Provide the complete mailing address of the gift recipient. Email address is required only for digital subscriptions.
Rate Code
Step 2:  Choose the Subscription Term and Rate
You may choose the number of issues you want. The number of issues and rates are displayed.

All prices are in US funds and must be paid in US funds.
Additional Items
Step 3: Additional Items
You have the option of adding additional items to your order that are related to the magazine you’ve selected.
First Issue
Step 4: Holiday Gift Option
Around the beginning of September through the middle of December, we offer the holiday gift subscription option.  If you choose this option, the gift recipient will receive their first issue in late December for most titles.  Please see the Holiday Gift Schedule for additional details.

Step 5: Gift Notification Options
We offer two FREE gift notification options for you to choose from.

Printable Gift Announcement

Instantly print out the gift announcement from your confirmation page after your order is submitted. The notification includes the subscriptions purchased and there is room for you to write your own personal message.
Send an Email Announcement
Have us send an email gift notification with your message directly to the recipient on a date you choose. The notification will include the subscriptions purchased.
  • Provide us with the recipient’s email address.
  • Choose the date you would like the email to be sent.  Please allow at least 2 business days from your order date.
  • Include your personal message (must be less than 50 characters).
Step 6: Enter Billing Information
Provide the charge card address or invoice address of the gift giver.

Step 7: Payment
Select your payment method. 

If ordering online, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. 

If you select the Bill Me option, you can pay later via using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, personal check or money order. Payment should be in U.S. funds, drawn on an U.S. bank. Please do not send cash by mail.

Canadian prices include GST and shipping and must be payable in U.S. funds. Foreign prices include shipping and must be payable in U.S. funds, drawn on a U.S. Bank.