Model Railroader 75-year Collection - Language Patch

Published: December 20, 2011
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**Please note this applies to Macintosh installations only.  If you are not experiencing the error described below, you do not need to run this update. 

If your computer uses a non-English OS language by default (i.e. Japanese, Chinese, etc.) you may get a Fatal Error message and crash upon launch of the application and you cannot proceed.

To resolve this issue, you will need to download and replace two application files per the following instructions:

  • Make sure you have quit the Model Railroader application.

  • Download the following ZIP file. (File1)

  • Extract the ZIP file on your Mac (usually double-clicking the ZIP file will extract the contents into the existing folder location or desktop; some browsers like Safari will automatically extract the contents into your Downloads folder).

  • Copy both the Impressario.xtra and Impressario2Pages.xtra files into your Applications/Model Railroader/Xtras folder. When prompted choose Replace.

  • Re-launch your Model Railroader application.