Zinio Digital Subscription FAQs

Published: May 27, 2011
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Kalmbach is pleased to offer digital magazines through a partnership with Zinio. For more information on Zinio and how to purchase a digital subscription please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Zinio Digital Editions
Online help: www.zinio.com/help
Phone: 888-946-4666 (weekdays, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST)

What devices can I use to read a digital magazine on Zinio?
- Computers running Windows, Apple OS or Linux. Digital editions are built using Adobe AIR.
- iPad
- Android-based smartphones and tablets running Android version 2.2 or later

How do I purchase a digital edition?
A: Please visit the website for the publication you are interested in purchasing and look for the digital edition offer on the subscription page.

What does a subscription to the digital edition cost?
A: The digital edition or the print subscription can be purchased for standard subscription pricing. The cost of the digital subscription is equal to that of print.

Can I get both print and digital? What does that cost?
A: Yes, a combo offer is available for an additional charge to the standard subscription price. The cost varies by title; please see the website for the specific title you are interested in.

Can I convert my print subscription to digital?
A: Yes, for Discover magazine, call 800-829-9132 or email Discover@customersvc.com. For all other Kalmbach titles, please contact Customer Sales and Service at 800-533-6644, weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST, or email us at customerservice@kalmbach.com.

Can I purchase a just a single copy of the digital magazine?
A: Yes, single copies are available to purchase through Zinio at www.zinio.com.

Will Kalmbach offer back issues of the digital magazines?
A: No, all digital subscriptions will start with recent issues.

How do I access my Zinio magazines?
A: To access your digital issues you will need to create an account at www.zinio.com. Make sure to use the same email for your Zinio account that you used to purchase your digital subscription.  If you are a first time digital subscriber, instructions will be provided for you when you complete your order. Once registered, login and click on "My Library" to access the current issue. 

Can I download Zinio magazines for offline reading?
A: Yes. Instructions on how to download magazines for offline reading are available on Zinio’s website. On a PC or Mac, you will need to download the free Zinio Reader software to be able to read offline. If using a tablet or phone app, the issue will need to be downloaded that way.

How will I know when a new issue is available?
A: You will be sent an email notification when your latest digital issue is available for download.

Can I purchase a digital subscription as a gift?
A: Currently, digital subscriptions are not available as gifts. If you would like to give a digital subscription as a gift, Zinio has gift cards available for their online store.