Model Railroader's Track Plan Database

Published: September 24, 2008
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To successfully download your Track Plan we recommend the following specifications. Using different specifications may result in difficulty when downloading and opening your article.

Minimum Requirements
Broadband connection (Cable, DSL, or ISDN) for files of 8MB or larger.
Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or higher

Web browsers
Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7.x or higher
Mozilla's Firefox 2.x or higher

Windows 2000 w/Service Pack 2 or higher
Mac OS 10.x or higher

I can't download any articles?
Some of the layouts are large files. Check the size and if the file is a larger one you will need to have a broadband or higher Internet connection or they probably will not download.

One other thing to try is right click on the PDF and choose "Save Target As" sometimes this works better for saving pdfs.

Why do the same Track Plans keep coming up?
The sorting and displaying of the track plans needs to be updated. We are working on this so the newest plans will show up on top.

Until then you will just have to keep track of which plans you have downloaded. Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.