Classic Toy Trains 25 Year Viewing Tips

Published: July 2, 2015
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• Use these discs only in a home computer DVD drive. The discs will not work in a television DVD player.

• It is recommended you temporarily disable any antivirus or malware software during the basic or full installation.

• Allow plenty of time to install the material. The Classic Toy Trains: 25 Years and Counting discs contain 214 issues and more than 26,000 magazine pages.

• There are two ways to use the collection. Basic installation places the software, index, and thumbnail-sized images of magazine pages onto your hard drive. The actual magazine pages are read off the two discs, which you will be prompted to insert into your computer as needed. In full installation, all of the material is copied into your computer’s hard drive and you do not need to insert the discs.

• You can view single pages or use the two-page (spread) view. In the two-page view, use the "fit screen" tool on the lower right of the viewing window (it looks like a sheet of paper with a folded corner) for best viewing.

• Reading size can be enlarged by using the magnifying function at the lower right of the viewing window. You can also engage the Full Screen button to allow for more viewing room.

• In rare searches, because of magazine page foldouts and unnumbered or alphanumeric numbered pages, the search results will take you to a location two or more pages away from the material you are seeking. We suggest that you click on a few pages before or after the search result location if you believe you have encountered one of these magazine-printing irregularities.

• When using the Table of Contents feature, due to the presence of foldouts mentioned above, you may be taken to a page two or more pages away from the material you are seeking. We suggest that you click on a few pages before or after the page you are taken to locate the appropriate article.

• Full-text searches include advertisements in the search results. You may need to experiment with alternative search terms to find the material you want. Note: full-text searches are processor intensive and can take time to perform.

• Some pages may appear light or discolored, and older magazine pages will have slight markings, stampings, or small tears on them. Some photographs have noticeable dot patterns. Many magazines were scanned from paper copies. The best available issues were used to make this DVD set.

• The PDF pages that make up the collection are locked and cannot be removed individually for installation in another computer or tablet.