Garden Railways The Complete Collection FAQ

Published: March 20, 2017
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Why do Norton Internet Security or Symantec antivirus products keep interrupting my installation and reporting that the installation has a trojan or security risk?

Symantec is reporting a false-positive with regard to the software. Our software has been scanned using the latest definitions available and has been reported as clean. However, because the software is new and performs various copy processes during the installation, it can be falsely identified as malware depending on security settings, definitions being used, and reputation. 

We suggest that you submit a false-positive report to Symantec. As is common practice when installing software, you can temporarily disable your antivirus or security suite before installing the software. Keep it temporarily disabled as well if you are going to save the magazine collection to your computer. After the installation is completed, you can enable your antivirus or security software once again.

If your software quarantines the executable, you may need to set up an Exception after restoring the file.

Is Garden Railways: The Complete Collection compatible with Windows 8?

Yes, the application is fully compatible with the desktop version of Windows 8. However, the application will not work with Windows 8 RT, as that version of Windows 8 only runs applications that are pre-loaded or that you download from the Windows Store.

Why do I get the error ERROR: [IOErrorEvent type="IoError' bubbles= false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text='Error#2038" errorID=2038] when installing all issues on Windows Vista or higher?

You chose to install into the Program Files folder on your system drive, which requires an elevated permission level to copy the issues. When installed in this location you need to launch the Garden Railways application using Run As Administrator and then go into Options and choose Save magazine collection to computer. After all issues are saved, you need not do Run As Administrator for subsequent use.

Can I rotate the pages of the magazine?

Unfortunately at this time pages cannot be rotated for easier reading on screen. For those pages that aren’t in portrait orientation, you can print the PDF from Garden Railways.

Can I install Garden Railways: The Complete Collection on a network drive?

Garden Railways is not intended to be installed on a network drive or device.

What is the recommended printing setup for the DVD set?

Due to the image-intensive nature of the publication, we recommend having up-to-date print drivers and a minimum of 128M of RAM on your printer for best results.

Full-text searching

When a full-text search is performed, the application searches each page of each document to locate matches for the search term(s) entered. This process is highly resource-intensive and can yield longer than average times before the results are displayed, depending on the computer's processing power. You may notice that the application may appear unresponsive during these exhaustive searches. Please note that application is still executing the search and will become responsive when the results are returned. When searching it is best to use the built-in indexed search mechanism where possible as it is quicker and will not include results from ads.

General printing

Due to the image-intensive nature of the PDF's that are included on the DVD, it is best to print by page or small page ranges. While printing a larger print range or an image-heavy page, the application may appear unresponsive as it spools the data to your printer. The application will become responsive when the job has been handed off to the printer.