WAUKESHA, WI/NEW YORK, N.Y. Kalmbach Media, the content creator of such well-known and respected media brands as Astronomy and Discover, announced its initial plans today commemorating one of the greatest anniversaries associated with modern human endeavor: Fifty years ago on July 20, 1969, the Apollo program landed astronauts on the Moon for the first time.

In the months leading up to this auspicious anniversary, the Kalmbach Media Science Group has developed a range of special content, features, and products for customers both at Discover’s and Astronomy’s web sites and on Kalmbach’s e-commerce portal MyScienceShop.com.

In addition to these special offerings, Kalmbach’s Media Science Group has gathered together a team of top space and science experts to speak on all aspects of the Apollo program, including the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Among these experts include:

David J. Eicher is chief editor of Astronomy, the world’s largest circulation brand on the topic. Eicher is the host of Astronomy’s exclusive web video series, “The Real Reality Show,” and a sought-after expert for explaining astronomy and space exploration to lay audiences. He is the author or editor of more than 20 books, including the new Mission Moon 3-D, written with Brian May, astrophysicist and well known as the founding member and guitarist of Queen. The book features more than 150 stereoscopic 3-D images of the space race and Apollo missions.

Eric Betz is digital editor for Astronomy and Discover magazines. Betz is spear-heading Kalmbach’s comprehensive online package of dozens of stories for Apollo’s 50th anniversary. In that capacity, he’s interviewed astronauts and scientists and dug deep into the archives of spaceflight history searching for overlooked stories of the innovations and heroics that got humans from the Earth to the moon.

Bill Andrews is a senior associate editor at Discover, where he writes and edits stories about all the sciences and is their resident space nerd. Before joining Discover, he worked as an editor at Astronomy, wrote for the Mayo Clinic (among others) and graduated from MIT.

Amy Shira Teitel. Spaceflight historian and author of Breaking the Chains of Gravity, Amy is the creator of the Vintage Space blog. Her YouTube channel on all things Apollo and human spaceflight boasts hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

“The Apollo XI mission marked one of the greatest achievements in space and science exploration,” says Astronomy editor Eicher. “We believe it deserves to be recognized and celebrated not only for what it accomplished but for its many contributions to our lives today.”

Eicher notes that over the next several months, Kalmbach’s Science Group will be dedicated to sharing one-of-a-kind interviews and insights into the Apollo XI mission that will enlighten, educate and delight generations of all ages. “Our goal is to provide audiences with a unique perspective on the people behind the mission and the technology they created to make it possible — as well as to inspire future generations of space and science enthusiasts,” he says.

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