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Sometimes our books need updates after they’ve gone to print. Below you will find a list of these changes and resources.

Beaded Chains and Ropes

p. 39 – The first sentence in the last step of the instructions should read, “Repeat steps 3 and 4…”
P. 81 – Step 2 should read, “Use a big eye needle to string 110 seed beads onto each warp…”

Downloadable File(s): See the pdf of the revised project on pages 79-83.

Stitching with Two-Hole Shaped Beads

p. 40 – The last step of the instructions calls for an 11/0 bead, but it should be an 8/0.

52 Earrings

p. 63 – The correct spelling of Jessah Tiemens’s name is Jessah, not Jessica.

101 More Track Plans for Model Railroaders

p. 5 – See the PDF below for a corrected version of p. 5, with complete illustrations for the “Iron Mountain Line.”

Downloadable File(s): 101 More Track Plans p 5 (399 KB)

The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stitching Beaded Jewelry

p. 24 – See the PDF below for a revised photo of the “Surgeon’s knot” on this page.

p. 80 – See the PDF below for a revised version of the “pattern” from this page.

p. 83 – The instructions for the “Toggle bar: peyote stitch zip-up” should read:
“The toggle bar should be as wide or wider than your bracelet. This toggle bar is the same width as a bracelet.
“Pick up the same number of beads as you did for your bracelet, turn, and begin working in peyote stitch as detailed in the first part of step 3 of the bracelet project [A].”
(The text then continues as written on p. 83.)

Downloadable File(s):

Abs Beg Guide Stitching p 24 (3136 KB)
Abs Beg Guide Stitching p 80 (4999 KB)

Bead Soup

p. 55 – Nan Emmett’s name was incorrectly spelled as Emmet.

p. 86 – The first gallery project was incorrectly identified; it should have been listed as “Through Vincent’s Eyes” and credited to Christine Altmiller (onekisscreations.etsy.com), with beads from Amy Freeland.

Bead Tube Jewelry

table of contents – See the PDF below for a revised version of the table of contents

Downloadable File(s): Bead Tube Jewelry TOC (2625 KB)

The Big Book of Beading Patterns

p. 108 – The caption incorrectly identified the Gauguin paintings on pages 108 and 109, reversing their titles. The caption should identify the painting on p. 108 as When Are You Getting Married?, and the painting on p. 109 as Tahitian Woman with Blossom.

Build Your Own Wire Pendants

p. 38 – The materials list should indicate that “18-gauge round (wire accent)” (not 8-gauge) is needed for this project.

Classic Chain Mail Jewelry

p. 12 – The tip regarding “Aspect Ratio” on this page should read: “The aspect ratio (AR) represents the relationship between the wire diameter (thickness, or gauge) and the inner diameter (ID) of a particular size jump ring. If you know the gauge and ID of a ring that works well in a weave, you can use the aspect ratio calculation to change to another size ring that will also work well in the weave. This allows you to make larger and smaller versions of jewelry in the same weave. To calculate aspect ratio, take the ring ID divided by wire diameter (in mm).”

p. 39, 67, and 69 – Substitute 3.25mm jump rings for 3mm jump rings.

The Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry

p. 7 – The first printing of this book mistakenly identified a pair of wire cutters as flatnose pliers. See the PDF below for a corrected version of this page.

Downloadable File(s): Complete Guide to Wire Jewelry (5014 KB)

Copper Jewelry Collection

p. 3 – Vicki Cook’s first name should be spelled “Vicki”, not “Vickie”.

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin’s name is also misspelled.

Creative Beading Vol. 3

p. 202 – See the PDF below for a revised version of Figure 1 for “Captured cuff.”

Downloadable File(s): Creative Beading V3 p 202 Figure 1 (233 KB)

Creative Beading Vol. 4

p. 255 – See the PDF below for a revised version of the index.

Downloadable File(s): Creative Beading V4 Index (2113 KB)

Crystal Brilliance

p. 57 – See the PDF below for a corrected color list for “XOXO.”

p. 84-85 – See the PDFs below for revised instructions for “Lily.”

Downloadable File(s):

Crystal Brilliance p 57 (6431 KB)
Crystal Brilliance p 84 (3017 KB)
Crystal Brilliance p 85 (3432 KB)

Crystal Play

p. 111 – Anna’s new website is www.originaldesignsbyanna.squarespace.com

Easy Crystal Stitching

The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, Third Edition

p. 102 – The photo should be credited to the Robert P. Olmsted Collection, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming.

p. 117 – The cars in the photo are not express cars, but milk cars.

p. 117 – The viaducts listed the bottom of the page should include Paulins Kill, Tunkhannock, Delaware River, and Martins Creek.

p. 209 – The date of the Penn Central Merger was Feb.1, 1968, not 1967.

Inspired Wire

p. 12 – Further information about masks: For protection from fumes, request a particulate respirator with nuisance-level organic vapor relief (for example, 3M 8577).

p. 91 – The materials list should indicate that “18 bead chips, turquoise” (not 20) are needed for this project.

p. 96 – The materials list should indicate that both the 20- and the 24-gauge wire used for this project are silver (not gold).

Kumihimo Basics & Beyond

p. 80 – The last sentence in the first paragraph of the braiding section should read:
“When you are out of beads on warp A and have 2 beads remaining on warp B, it’s time to string more beads.”

Metallic Seed Bead Splendor

p. 63 – See the PDF below for revised instructions.

Downloadable File(s): Metallic Seed Bead Splendor 63 (3215 KB)

Mixed Metal Mania

p. 65 – Step 1 of the instructions for “Old Bones Ring” should read: “1. Use the ring size chart (page 38) to determine the length of wire needed to make your ring. Add about 1 in. and cut five pieces of 16-gauge wire to that length. (Example: a size 7 ring requires 2¼ in. of wire. Add 2¼ in.+1 in. = 3¼-in. length of wire x 5 pieces = total wire needed.) Keep in mind that the overlap length is a variable that you can decide on.”

p. 67 – Step 3 of the instructions for “Copper Coral Bracelet” should call for medium solder paste, not easy solder paste.

p. 94 – Step 10 of the instructions for “Pine Straw Casting Bezel Pendant” refers to the “basic procedure for soldering a bezel.” Those instructions can be found on p. 67 or p. 108.

Model Railroading in Small Spaces, 2nd Edition

See the PDFs below for corrected versions of p. 29, 44, 76, and 87.

Downloadable File(s): Model Railroading in Small Spaces 2nd Ed (2135 KB)

More Seed Bead Stitching

p. 46 – The final paragraph on p. 46 should read, “Return to Step 2 and continue working until you have reached your desired length. I finished my bracelet with an antique button and stitched a square buttonhole using peyote and brick stitch.”

p. 84 – See the PDF below for a version of p. 84 with a corrected Figure 1.

p. 87 – See the PDF below for a version of p. 87 with corrections made to steps #2 and #3.

p. 88 – See the PDF below for a version of p. 88 with a corrected version of photo e.

p. 90 – Photo e is not applicable to the “Diamond Stitch Rope” project and should be deleted or ignored.

p. 95 – Corrected contact information for “Beadies Beadwork” is phone 440-263-5283, website beadiesbeadwork.com, and e-mail beadies@beadiesbeadwork.com.

Downloadable File(s):

More Seed Bead Stitching p 84 (2773 KB)
More Seed Bead Stitching p 87 (2697 KB)
More Seed Bead Stitching p 88 (3256 KB)

Patterns in Polymer

p. 70 – The Palette on this page of the “Textured Pendant with Lizard Tail Bail” project should state that Aquamarine requires 6 parts turquoise (not 3), and Bright Lime requires 3 parts cadmium yellow, 0.5 part gold, and 1 part turquoise.

Downloadable File(s):

Patterns in Polymer 93 (2658 KB)
Patterns in Polymer 94 (5885 KB)

Silver Threads

p. 112 – See the PDF below for an expanded list of resources for jewelry-making and metalworking tools.

Downloadable File(s): Silver Threads p 112 (2498 KB)

Seed Bead Savvy

p. 73 – In steps 8-10, references to 6-aught beads should be 8-aught beads.

Seed Bead Stitching

p. 89 – See the PDF below for a revised “photo a” for the “Three Bracelets with Bugle Beads” project.

Downloadable File(s): Seed Bead Stitching p 89 (5485 KB)

Simply Stylish Crystal Jewelry

The Contributors page incorrectly spelled Mary Bloomsburg’s name as Mary Bloomberg.

Soldering Made Simple

p. 51 – The Materials list should include “3⁄4 in. (19mm) of 20-gauge sterling round wire.”

p. 64 – See the PDF below for a revised Materials list for the “Soldered Charms” project.

Downloadable File(s): Soldering Made Simple p 64 (6259 KB)

Spotlight on Wire

p. 88 – The designer of the “Bygone Era” project was incorrectly identified as Melissa Cable; the correct designer is Corinna VanKleeck.

Stitch Workshop: Herringbone Stitch

p. 30-32 – The herringbone design in the “Lentil herringbone weave” projects can be created using any variation of colors. Lentil beads are available from a variety of sources, including BeadCats. Contact them at 503-625-2323 or visit their website, beadcats.com, for information on color availability.

Timeless Wire Weaving

The following steps on pages 66-68 have been corrected:
Page 66

String a seed bead on each base wire #5 (not #6). Carefully bend both base wires #1 around base wires #5 (not #6)

Step 8
…base wires #5 (not #6)…

Step 10
When you get to base wires #4 (not #5)…

Page 67
Step 11
Cross both base wires #4 (not #5) in the back. Bend base wires #5 (not #6)…

Step 12
On the back, using chain nose pliers, grasp each of the base wires #4 (not #5)…

…base wires #4 (not #5)

Page 68
Step 18
…between base wires #4 and #5 (not #5 and #6)

Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry

P. 71. The second paragraph from the bottom of the page read “From the outside in, as the circle gets larger and the rows get farther from the center.” It should read “From the inside out.”

Your Seed Bead Style

p. 87 – The “Contributors” page for Your Seed Bead Style should have included the following bio statement and contact information: “Lana May has won many awards for her beaded jewelry designs. She shares her passion for beadwork on her Web site, lana-bead.info, and through classes and workshops in the Phoenix area.”

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