Model Railroader 75-year Collection FAQ

Will the Model Railroader 75-year collection work on Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite)?

On October 16th, 2014 Apple released a new operating system, Yosemite (10.10) that is a free upgrade to existing Mac OS customers.  Unfortunately this new operating system upgrade is incompatible with Model Railroader 75-year collection.  Although not recommended, you may choose to not install Yosemite on systems where you have your DVD collection installed to keep enjoying your existing back-issue collection.

Why do I get an error while accessing issues on Windows 7 64-bit with the basic install?

There is a known issue when installed on Windows 7 64-bit where you get a Windows error when you attempt to access an issue off the disc.  There are two workarounds that you can utilize to avoid the error messages.  First, you can make sure that you have a disc in your drive before attempting to access an issue.  As long as a disc is in the drive, it will prompt accordingly for the correct disc required to load the issue requested.  The other option is to perform the full installation, provided you have enough free space, so the discs are no longer required.

When doing a full installation on the Macintosh, why doesn’t the progress bar display correctly when copying issues?

This is a known limitation with the software on the Macintosh.  Even though the bar doesn’t display progress, you will see the issue names change as they copy.

Why doesn’t the scroll bar go all the way to the bottom of the window in the Model Railroader 75-year Collection?

This is due to the manner in which the application resizes as well as the monitor resolution. The reason that the scroll area does not extend beyond the area is that there is not enough room to fully display the next row of images.

Can I rotate the pages of the magazine?

Unfortunately at this time pages cannot be rotated for easier reading on screen. For those pages that aren’t in portrait orientation, you can print the PDF from the Model Railroader 75-year Collection.

Can I install the Model Railroader 75-year Collection on a network drive?

The Model Railroader 75-year Collection is not intended to be installed on a network drive or device.